Our History

Officially formed in 1996 as Broad Street Capital, LLC, a boutique merchant bank, the group traces its roots to 1988 when the Group’s first member AMEX Export Import Inc. was founded to conduct import-export management operations and provide trade financing. After the sale of his distribution business, Mr. Gordin joined forces with Anne Libby and began to advise emerging and midsize businesses on strategy, business development and operations. After the completion of a number of consulting assignments, the focus of the organization shifted toward mergers, acquisitions, project finance, trade finance, restructurings and international business development. Over the years, Broad Street Capital Group has been involved in a number of substantial high-profile transactions and has been mandated by the Presidents and Prime Ministers of several countries.

Today, Broad Street Capital Group is supported by a number of experienced professionals capable of creatively maximizing opportunity and providing clients with superior business advice and services. Our professionals’ integrity, experience, creativity and street smarts allow our Firm to effectively and efficiently tackle the most complicated domestic and international challenges facing emerging and midsize businesses. Over the last decade the Firm has developed extensive expertise in arranging project financing, trade financing and political risk insurance using programs of various trade and development agencies of the U.S. Government.