Investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy in Moldova, discussed by the Minister of Finance and the executive director of Broad Street Capital

The Minister of Finance, Petru Rotaru, had a meeting with the Executive Director of Broad Street Capital Group, Alexander Gordin, on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

The discussions focused on investment possibilities in the renewable energy sector in the Republic of Moldova and the current situation in this field. The officials also discussed the ways in which potential investors can support the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of investment mechanisms related to renewable energy projects, as well as the authorities’ efforts to improve the investment climate to attract investors.

During the dialogue, the Minister of Finance expressed his gratitude for the constant support provided by the United States of America for the progress and development of the Republic of Moldova and for the improvement of the investment environment in the country.

In this context, the parties confirmed their commitment to support the promotion of investments and to support initiatives in the renewable energy sector, with a view to the sustainable and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.

Note: Consortium of US companies led by Broad Street Capital provides commercial banking, financing and strategic development services to the business community and government organizations.

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