Cathy Bergman

Director of Operations

Cathy Bergman brings over two decades of corporate leadership and operational experience to Broad Street Capital Group. A veteran of New York City’s fast-paced corporate environment for over a decade, Ms. Bergman served as the Executive Administrator to the Chairman of the Board of The Patrician Group, the third largest commercial real estate syndication firm in the United States, prior to founding Taggart Resource Group in 1992.

In her capacity as President of Taggart Resource Group, a management firm with a roster of international clients in both the public and private sector, Ms. Bergman has served in various positions including Director of Operations, Director of Corporate Development, Director of Marketing and Director of Investor Relations, as well as other executive management positions for various clients.

Ms. Bergman is the recipient of numerous leadership awards, has authored dozens of news articles published on issues ranging from education to biotechnology, has served as the editor of a number of monthly and quarterly news publications, has spoken at dozens of national and international conferences and symposiums, was a featured guest on a number of TV and radio programs for her role in alternative education and has authored numerous position papers and educational booklets.

Ms. Bergman holds a B.S. from Weber State University, at 18, the youngest in the University’s graduating class. During her graduate studies at Idaho State University, she also served as an Assistant Professor at the University.