Gary Berlyant

Logistics Director, Export Operations

Gary Berlyant is primarily responsible for the export project management for our clients and advising them on transportation and logistics matters. He has been involved in several high profile international projects where he managed logistics of delivering unique precious cargo on a deadline basis to a high level government client in Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan. Other assignments included the development of complex logistics plans for infrastructure equipment shipments and bid preparation of the Ukrainian Government.

Mr. Berlyant is also adept in handling sophisticated insurance claim matters. He maintains a strong personal network of high-level international contacts and was a member of a US TDA financed project finance team. Prior to joining Broad Street Capital Group, Mr. Berlyant managed both domestic and international logistics and trading operations for Amdour, Inc. – a group of businesses involved in real estate investments and international trading. He was also involved in several international entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Berlyant has over 20 years of extensive experience in import-export trade operations, transportation and logistics, traffic control, distribution and warehousing.

Mr. Berlyant holds a M.A. degree in Transportation Management and Logistics from Moscow State University of Management and a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Moscow Technical University (MAMI).