Broad Street Capital Group in Forefront of Bringing New OPIC-backed Financing to Ukraine

NEW YORK – Tomorrow, Broad Street Capital Group will present the first “Fluent in OPIC” workshop to assist U.S. companies wishing to finance and insure investments in the Ukrainian economy. This workshop is possible due to Overseas Private Investment Corporation’s (OPIC) return to Ukraine after more than 10 years.

OPIC, a U.S. government agency which provides foreign policy-based project financing and political risk insurance for infrastructure, energy, microfinance and developmental projects in more than 150 countries which involve U.S. investment, was closed in Ukraine for the past decade. Prior to suspending its activities in that market, OPIC provided more than $254 million in financing and insurance to 21 projects in Ukraine, in sectors ranging from manufacturing and construction to energy and financial services.

Several weeks ago, after extensive work by a group of top government officials as well as participants from nonprofit and private sector organizations to reach a bilateral agreement, OPIC reopened its programs in that market. Broad Street Capital Group was a mandated party to the negotiations and represented the Ukrainian side.

“OPIC is pleased to once again provide support for U.S. investment in Ukraine, a development which we anticipate will send a very positive signal to prospective investors in the country,” said Dr. Lawrence Spinelli, acting president of OPIC.

Immediately upon OPIC’s reopening, Broad Street Capital received numerous projects and inquiries from both U.S. and Ukrainian companies on how to specifically use OPIC financing and insurance for projects in Ukraine. Based on the firm’s 15 years of experience financing projects in emerging markets and seven years of experience of working with OPIC, Broad Street Capital professionals created the “Fluent in OPIC™” workshop to address specific issues inherent in developing project finance and insurance structures in the market. This workshop is the third in the series created by Broad Street Capital under the “Fluent in Foreign™” program which is based on the eponymous book by co-founder Alexander M. Gordin, available later this year.

Due to high demand, the Washington, D.C. session and the subsequent Embassy reception are sold out, so two additional workshops, one in Kiev and one in New York, are scheduled in February and March respectively. The “Fluent in OPIC” workshops are being presented in association with the U.S. Ukraine Business Council and in cooperation with OPIC, U.S. Commercial Service in Kiev and the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington.

Broad Street Capital’s “Fluent in OPIC” workshop will present a comprehensive, practical, “beyond the website” look on how to effectively use OPIC to finance or insure business transactions in Ukraine. The sessions will address the application process, deal structures, sponsor requirements and commitments, approval procedure, realistic timeframe estimates, costs, fees and legal and developmental issues.

“We are very excited OPIC has decided to reopen its programs in Ukraine during these challenging times when the country is deeply affected by the global economic crisis and is in the midst of protracted and fiercely contested presidential elections,” said Gordin, managing director of Broad Street Capital Group. “We firmly believe OPIC’s financing and insurance tools will assist resurgence of the vital small and medium enterprise sector in Ukraine and play a vital role in financing of infrastructure projects such as hotels and airports crucial to Ukraine’s successful hosting of the upcoming Union of European Football Association’s (FIFA) 2012 soccer tournament.”

About Broad Street Capital Group (

Based in the heart of the financial district of New York City, Broad Street Capital Group is an international private merchant bank with offices and affiliates in Kiev, Warsaw, Moscow, Ufa and Toronto. Founded in 1996, the firm carries on centuries of honored merchant banking traditions, providing a comprehensive array of services to international private and state-owned companies, including merchant banking, export and project financing, and cross border strategic business development. Since its founding, Broad Street Capital Group has successfully represented a number of high-profile government mandates and has completed numerous complex project financing and trade financing assignments many involving agencies of the U.S. Government.

For more information on registering for the upcoming “Fluent in OPIC” workshops, please contact Iryna Teluk, USUBC Membership Director, at 240.505.9494 or

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