Investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy in Moldova, discussed by the Minister of Finance and the executive director of Broad Street Capital

The Minister of Finance, Petru Rotaru, had a meeting with the Executive Director of Broad Street Capital Group, Alexander Gordin, on Tuesday, February 27, 2024.

The discussions focused on investment possibilities in the renewable energy sector in the Republic of Moldova and the current situation in this field. The officials also discussed the ways in which potential investors can support the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of investment mechanisms related to renewable energy projects, as well as the authorities’ efforts to improve the investment climate to attract investors.Continue reading

Moldova Rising

A very crude joke, which has been told since Moldova’s independence, went something like this: “Moldova is an independent country, nothing depends on Moldova”. Today, this could not be further from the truth. The Republic of Moldova is a strategically located, albeit very small, key country in the Democracy’s standoff against the Russian imperialism.

During the last week of February, representatives of an international project development team lead by the Broad Street Capital Group and Horn & Watson Capital Strategies visited Moldova to present a unique financing solution and implementation model for energy and infrastructure projects. The team, which in addition to the project developers, consists of a major international EPC contracting company, a global investment bank, and several major law firms, is anchored in Moldova by the ERAgreat Energy SRL – an experienced local energy developer and operator.Continue reading

Broad Street Capital Group teams up with legal and accounting professionals to provide US market entry support to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.

(October 27, 2021, New York City, NY) Broad Street Capital Group announced today that, along with attorneys Mr. Alex Lipman, Principal at Lipman Law PLLC, Mr. David Hayes, Partner at Bendin Sumrall and Ladner, LLC and Mr. Michael Gaines, CPA, Principal at  Gaines Goldenfarb Associates, it provided full acquisition advisory and support services to the Orbis Group of Kazakhstan.  

Orbis Group entered the US construction equipment distribution market by forming Orbis USA Incorporated (“The Company”) and completing two acquisitions of existing branded construction equipment dealerships in Pooler, GA and in Leeds, AL.  The company intends to continue its US expansion by acquiring and developing additional full-service construction equipment dealerships throughout the Southeastern United States.Continue reading

Broad Street Capital Group selects Lipman Law to provide due diligence support and General Counsel services.

(December 2, 2019, New York City, NY) In an effort to streamline its legal operations and to manage international due diligence and compliance processes for the $1.2 billion of financing transactions in its pipeline, Broad Street Capital Group announced today that it has retained Alex Lipman of Lipman law PLLC, to provide general counsel services. Alex Lipman has also joined Broad Street as an Advisory Board Member.

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Driving through the rain towards brighter economic future of Ukraine

About a month ago, during a Washington round-table on Ukraine hosted by the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), someone asked me what do my colleagues and I expect from the new President of Ukraine and his administration? My answer, which was picked up by the Voice  of America and other publications, was essentially – I have no idea. But since we have been and continue to be bullish on the Ukraine for almost twenty five years, our strategy is to move forward despite the political climates, as we always hope for sunny investment weather, but carry a sturdy umbrella in case it starts to rain.  IMG-1cae7e700ec217303b52f13cd14e1c96-V

Well, it is raining now.  Raining hard and much sooner than expected.

The events of this passed week have created a vicious firestorm with  “Ukraine” being mentioned practically non-stop.  In this post I will not address the politics of the situation, as this has been done by practically every major media outlet in the world ad nauseam. My focus will be on business opportunities and financing tools available to those wishing to invest into the Ukrainian economy, as despite this week’s “torrential downpour” nothing has fundamentally changed to make Ukraine a less attractive place to invest.

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Fluent In EXIM Workshop, Kyiv

On September 12th at 12 noon, Broad Street Capital Group, along with UkrGasBank, will present its Fluent In EXIM workshop at the -Ukraine Business Council’s(USUBC) meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. The presentation will focus on teaching American and Ukrainian companies on how to realistically mitigate trade risks and obtain financing for their projects and supply of goods and services. Those interested in attending, email


УКРГАЗБАНК обрав своїм консультантом міжнародний банк у Нью-Йорку

УКРГАЗБАНК обрав Broad Street Capital Group – міжнародний приватний торговий банк Нью-Йорку – своїм консультантом з розширення американсько-українських торговельних операцій та співпраці з американським Експортно-імпортним банком (US Exim).

«Ми зробили вибір на користь Broad Street, адже це компанія з 25-річним досвідом на українському ринку. Крім того, фахівці цієї установи – експерти з питань прямих іноземних інвестицій, транскордонних ринків, а також стратегій торговельного фінансування в країнах з економікою, що розвивається. Тож ми впевнені у плідному результаті нашої співпраці», – зазначив Голова Правління УКРГАЗБАНКУ Кирило Шевченко.

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World Affairs Councils of America Welcomes Broad Street Capital Group as National Affiliate Member and Sponsor

Washington, DC, May 14, 2019 — The World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) is pleased to announce that Broad Street Capital Group has joined WACA as a National Affiliate Member, sponsor of the WACA National Conference, and member of its prestigious 1918 Society.

Broad Street’s expertise in advising on foreign direct investment (FDI) strategies in emerging and frontier market countries and WACA’s ability to convene foreign government leaders and influential audiences through its extensive network of more than 90 World Affairs Councils across the United States will provide a powerful platform for U.S. companies targeting investment opportunities and seeking policy and regulatory knowledge in these markets.

Broad Street will tap the WACA platform to conduct a national tour to educate potential U.S. investors on available U.S. Government financing options, as well as political and trade risk mitigation tools. WACA will assist Broad Street in organizing bilateral trade missions and curated foreign policy tours to highlight economic advantages of the target markets and to facilitate trade and investment opportunities.Continue reading

Broad Street Capital Group exploring expansion financing of healthcare projects in Kazakhstan

( Nursultan, KZ April 16th, 2019) As the team from the Broad Street Capital Group traveled through Central Asia on its second trade mission, one of the highlights was meeting Hon. William Moser, US Ambassador to Kazakhstan, during an exploratory visit to newly built UMIT – the state-of-the-art radiation therapy center is run by Dr. Bageizhin and Dr. Daniel Fass of the Princeton Healthcare Alliance. The center features US manufactured equipment and trains its specialists in Madison, Wis.


Radiation oncology center expansion is among the projects, which Broad Street Capital Group has under consideration for financing.

U.S. EXIM Bank starts financing projects in Ukraine

The Export–Import Bank of the United States, which reopened its two programs in Ukraine after a five-year pause, started to register first transactions on certain projects.

Alex Gordin, Managing Director of Broad Street Capital Group, told Ukrinform on Tuesday after a meeting organized by the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) in Washington.

According to Gordin, after EXIM officially resumed two programs in Ukraine in December 2018, it is now engaged in processing a package of first transactions. In particular, this concerns the projects on the creation of solar power plants.

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