Business Finance – How to Find Financing for an Overseas Venture

Alexander Gordin, Managing Director, published this informational article in Business Finance. The introduction and link to the article are below:

Several years ago, after the fall of the Soviet Union, I was contacted by the CEO of a U.S. telecom company seeking to build an advanced wireless communication network across multiple regions of Russia. He contacted Broad Street Capital, where I am the managing director, to help secure financing.
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NYEnterprise – Upside vs. Downside of Doing Business in Emerging Markets

Alexander Gordin, Managing Director, published this informational article in NY Enterprise. The introduction and link to the article are below:

President Obama has been leading the charge to increase exports as a highly effective way to boost our nation’s economy. I very much agree with this initiative and firmly believe that U.S. companies have superb potential in selling their goods and services overseas. Many foreign markets, especially those in emerging and transitioning countries, offer attractive opportunities for profit, market positioning and growth.
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Industry Week – Growth in Emerging Economies Spells Opportunities

Alexander Gordin, Managing Director, published this informational article in Industry Week. The introduction and link to the article are below:

As the world is slowly but surely emerging from the viselike grip of the global financial crisis, American manufacturers are presented with an unprecedented opportunity to enter a great number of rapidly growing foreign markets. Many of the emerging markets of Eastern and Central Europe, Central and South Asia and Latin America have been severely affected by the crisis, but have recently resumed or are about to pick up where they left off with their blistering growth. Industries such as alternative-energy generation, agriculture, communications, aviation, road construction, and health care are booming, along with many others.
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Broad Street Capital Group Joins U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Broad Street Capital Group, (, an international private merchant bank founded in 1996 in New York, New York, has been approved for membership in the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). The announcement was made today by the USUBC executive committee on behalf of the over 100 companies and organizations who are members of USUBC.
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Broad Street Capital Group Named Exclusive Financial Advisor Of $120 Million Ukraine Power Plant Project

NEW YORK – Broad Street Capital Group announced today its appointment as the exclusive financial advisor to State Enterprise Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov (PA Yuzhmash) in the reconstruction of a combined heating and power plant (CHP) in the Ukraine. The estimated $120 million project will be developed in Dnipropetrovsk and will be financed through a combination of senior debt from commercial banks and international financial institutions, export trade finance, carbon credits and government funding.
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Broad Street Capital Group Initiates Coverage of Municipal Infrastructure Markets in Eastern Europe

Broad Street Capital Group is pleased to announce that it has initiated market coverage of municipal infrastructure sector in Ukraine, Russia and CIS.

The municipal systems, such as water/waste water, sanitation and district heating, in Ukraine, Russia and CIS are currently in a deteriorating state and are in need of extensive rehabilitation and modernization. Political and financial changes are currently taking place to open up the markets to new investment. These changes will have a very positive impact on the population in addition to the economic and environmental conditions of these countries. Many large international banks, including US EXIM Bank and EBRD, are currently very active in these markets.
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